I have been the proud owner of Welsh Springer Spaniels since 1990, when I brought home my first Welshie named Starky and I have been a Welshie Lover ever since.
Trewern Welsh Springer Spaniels started with CH Saga's Tailor Made and Saga's Walking On Sunshine, which is the litter that came to us healthy and beautiful on January 7th 2009.

My dogs have free run of our home and yard. They are my babies/companions first, then conformation dogs.
Ownership of a Welsh Springer Spaniel is a commitment, a long-term commitment as they usually live Fourteen (14+) plus years.  Anyone considering a Welshie must know that they are loyal, affectionate and active.  They do demand attention and require a good amount of exercise and grooming.
Trewern Welsh Springer Spaniels
Home Of Trewern Welsh Springer Spaniels
CH Saga's Chancie & CH Saga's Tailor Made
Trewern means what??

Trewern is a small village in Powys, Wales. It is situated between the towns of Shrewsbury and Welshpool.  Although only a small village in terms of population, it is popular for it's many sites such as the extinct volcano and many woodlands suitable for outdoor activities.
The word Trewern is Celtic, formed of "Tre" meaning dwelling and "wern" meaning marsh, thus dwelling by/near the marsh.

Southern California Living
My Welshies must love living in California, with the sun to bask in and the ocean breeze to cool them down.  They even get to listen to the sea lions bark from time to time.
                     !! THEY ARE HERE !!     
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